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Attention Business Owners! 
What does Digital Marketing mean today and what can you do to REALLY grow your business?
What am I covering in the presentation?
  • How has the buyer's journey changed
  • How are buying decisions made online (even if you have a "physical location business)
  •  The Zero moment of Truth
  • ​The 5 key pillars of a customer journey you should assess in your business
  • ​The easiest and fastest way to increase your marketing budget... by using your competitors.
  • ​Where you should focus your time and money to grow your business.
We've heard from many business owners that they weren’t sure why digital marketing mattered for their business, weren’t sure what all the parts of a company’s digital presence were, and didn’t even know what tactics they should be using to see a real return for their marketing investment.
This presentation will walk you through what a buyers journey looks like online (even if you are physical location type business and don't think your need a digital presence!).
Here are some examples in use today by partners of...
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