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Take advantage of a lucrative THREE TIERED COMMISSION MODEL
Build your team and grow your re-occurring earnings as you assist local businesses to simplify their marketing and make more money!
Think of your time as an investment not just a transaction for cash.
So good news, we have already done most of the hard work for you:

  •  We have a great suite of digital marketing: tools, products and services. They help small businesses simplify their marketing… and make them more money. Feel free to check out all of our products and services here: 
  •  We have created the marketing machine; we just need your help to promote it. 
  •  Most of the education is included in our portal for the client. Your role is to help push them towards there and to educate business owners about the how Digital Marketing can be a huge boost to their organization. Our state of digital presentation will give you an idea of the education you can pass along to business owners:
There are the two ways that you can make money with Generation Digital Corp.
You promote the Generation Digital Marketing Center to businesses that want to simplify their marketing… and make more money.

  •  Inside your Digital Navigator Dashboard you will find your unique digital navigator URL. 
  •  Use all of our pre-made assets (Images, videos, presentations, blog posts, pre-written emails, etc.) with your unique link and any sale that comes in because of your efforts will receive 20% of the Sale (everything except digital ad spend). 
  •  All of those clients are stuck to you so as our engagement with them grows so does your monthly commission. We believe that peoples’ time should be treated as an investment NOT as something only transactional.  
Most of our products and services are on monthly contracts and we have a growing suite of products. This means that not only do you get to keep getting that monthly commission for however long the use the marketing center but as they explore the marketing center and add on more products and services you also get paid for that! 

Build your team
Would like to help out as many people out with simplifying marketing. Share your learnings with other motivated students and take advantage of our two tier commission model. So you would receive 10% of people you refer sales and then 5% of the sales of people they refer!

We are also running a bonus for students who register to our program right now. Which I have all the details and where anyone can register here (another easy way for you to begin to build your team):

Tier 1.
You earn 20% of everything sold

You earn 20% of everything sold
Tier 2.
You earn 10% of everything the Digital Navigators you recruit sell
(plus, you still get the 20% of everything you sell yourself)

You earn 10% of everything the Digital Navigators you recruit sell
(plus, you still get the 20% of everything you sell yourself)
Tier 3.
Then you even get 5% of the sales of your recruits recruits
(Plus still everything in tier 2)
It's just better when we win together!
Grow your winning team the bucks get bigger and bigger.
It's really that easy!
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You will get everything you need to start making money as a digital navigator.

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You will get everything you need to start making money as a digital navigator. Including sales presentations and campaign ideas for you to promote.

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You will get everything you need to start making money as a digital navigator.

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You will get everything you need to start making money as a digital navigator.

Here is an example presentation you can use with local small businesses.
Here is an example presentation you can use with local small businesses.
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Clickfunnels Backpack Logo
Backpack uses a proprietary Affiliate incentive they call “sticky cookies” 
What are Sticky Cookies?
When a customer purchases a product under your Digital Navigator (Affiliate) ID link, you earn a commission for that product or service, PLUS commission if that customer purchases additional products or services from us down the road! Since our Products and Services are all managed through our Marketing Center Portal your customers have all the education and support they need to pick and choose their future product and service needs (SUPER EASY FOR YOU). You can view all of our products and services here

**with the exception of digital ad spend. 
That customer’s information (and sales commission) will “stick” with you, even if they don’t use your special affiliate link to buy additional products or services.
Clickfunnel sticky cookies image
For example…

You send traffic to any of the Generation Digital Pages with your Digital Navigator (affiliate link), and someone buys one of our Digital Marketing Products. 

You receive a commission for that sale...right?

2 weeks later, the SAME customer who bought one of our products decides they would prefer our team do the work (because they don't have the time or expertise) and purchases the Generation Digital services without using your Digital Navigator (affiliate) link.

The “sticky” cookie recognizes that the buyer was originally sent from you, and you receive a monthly recurring commission for that purchase, and commission for any other products that the customer buys!
Why Are Sticky Cookies So Important? 
I believe that we should all begin to see our time as an investment and not something we trade transactionaly. 

When you promote how we can how can simplify marketing for small businesses (and make them more money) bring them into the Generation Digital Portal, and earn commission on multiple products, each customer is worth MORE to you as it grows over time and pays you month to month.
It is worth investing the time to send as much traffic as possible straight to your funnel, because the financial return will be so worth it.

But there’s an even BIGGER reason why Sticky Cookies are so critical…(and it stems from a major issue with most affiliate programs).

Back in the day when you only had one computer at home, customers would click on a link, see a product that they were interested in, and bookmark it (or send themselves the link).

In this process, a cookie was placed on that computer.
Here’s the problem with that...
Today, we have technology on steroids!
We have computers…
Ipads and tablets…
How often are you hanging out on your cell phone, and you click on an ad in your news-feed, and then send yourself the link to look at it later?
technology on steroids
If you open up that saved link and purchase on a DIFFERENT device (like your desktop computer at home), guess what just happened to that Digital Navigator (affiliate)?
...They got screwed.
Why? Until now, cookies didn’t stick from one personal device to the other, so it was impossible to track many sales back to the Digital Navigator (affiliate).
If you are working HARD to promote how Generation Digital can simplify marketing for small businesses, only to get screwed because of a cookie issue, your commissions can drop by as much as HALF of what you deserve, and we know that you would NOT stick with us long term!
As soon as someone opts in, their email address is hooked to you, no matter what device they use to purchase!
It’s a win-win for you AND your team!
...the bottom line your sales are well-tracked, and you will be compensated for ALL the sales you and your team (that three tiered commission model $$$) make!  
If You Do Nothing... Nothing Happens.
Once you start to spread the embrace digital message…YOUR LIFE could change dramatically when you take advantage of this rare opportunity to start on my shoulders - and get everything you need to make it rain.
You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.
You’ve already paid your dues in life, and now it’s YOUR TIME to get the payback!
Time Is Of The Essence...
If you've made it this far, you’ve already taken a gigantic step forward.

The next step? Action.

And this is the clear line that separates winners from the losers.
Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and armchair mystics.
  •  Anyone can say they want riches
  •  Anyone can set goals for riches.
  •  Anyone can dream of riches.
But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not just talk about doing something.

You can elect to grab the riches within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.
I think the choice is clear.

Do our products come with a guarantee?
Of course. :)
I guarantee that your clients will LOVE The Generation Digital Portal... after all we are on the mission to simplify marketing and make them more money.

but if for some reason they decide later that they don't need a product or service at the moment, then we'll happily cancel that product or service without any penalties or fees.
Plus they keep access to their portal and the complementary products and reports inside.

We don't believe in any long term contracts so everyone can come and go as they please/need.
So are you excited to become a Digital Navigator yet?
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