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e-Commerce product descriptions:
What you write next can make or break the sale. It's critical that you choose the words that turn a click into a customer.

We can write a single product description or write words for every product in your entire store it doesn't matter if you sell on Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Ecwid, or any of the other e-com platforms, the words you pick matter!

  A Single Product Description. 
Listing includes: Product title or headline, 5 buller points of features & benefits, & a sales narrative with your provided keywords woven into it.
Your Cost Today:
Only $110 a month Canadian!
STEP #1: Contact Information
STEP #2: Billing Address
STEP #3: Payment Information
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
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Ad Account Set Up Fee:
This fee includes:

  Ad Account Set Up. 
  Re-marketing pixel installation and testing. 
 Analytics Tracking.
 Audience Targeting
 Loading of Ad Set 
** This does not include creative.
Your Cost Today:
Only $250 Canadian!
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